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Relive the classic adventures with this incredible DVD and Magazine series!
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Every issue of STAR TREK: The Original Series - The Collector's Edition comes with an incredible DVD featuring three episodes of the classic series in the order originally planned by creator Gene Roddenberry!

STAR TREK: The Original Series - The Collector's Edition is a fantastic new series that gives you every episode of the classic STAR TREK on DVD, and a collectable magazine!

  • All 79 thrilling episodes of the classic original series, remastered and presented on special collector's edition DVD!
  • A Fascinating magazine takes you deeper into the STAR TREK universe than ever before!
  • Incredible behind the scenes secrets revealed by the series' stars and creative staff!


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- The Cage DVD
See how the legend began! Subscribe today and we'll send you STAR TREK's very first pilot episode on DVD! 'The Cage' takes place 12 years before STAR TREK's first season, and follows the events of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701's incredible mission to Talos IV under the command of Captain Christopher Pike.
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- Collector's Binder
This stunning collector's binder will help you keep your magazines in pristine condition, and ensure that every fact will always be within easy reach!
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This exclusive metal DVD case provides the perfect way to
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This director’s cut of STAR TREK's first big screen outing features previously unseen footage, and incredible new visual effects that help enhance an adventure of epic proportions!
When a vast alien probe enters Federation space, Admiral James T. Kirk and the crew of the newly refitted U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 are all that stands in the way of Earth's destruction!


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Order online and receive this exclusive metal figurine of Spock, the ENTERPRISE's Vulcan first officer! This figurine was approved by Leonard Nimoy himself, and is only available when you subscribe online!


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